Do Not Ignore Your Hands And Feet

A lot people nowadays spend so much money and time beautifying themselves. They buy various products from face wash, creams, soaps and bleaching products. They even go for a monthly face treatment to maintain the glowing and beautiful skin. Other than using artificial products, some people use natural ways to make their skin brighter and free of any pimples and acne. The usage of turmeric, aloe Vera and cucumber are all natural ways that bring give one a nice complexion.

Apart from these, one must not forget to look after their hands and feet. Finger nails and toe nails are also included. Even ones hand and legs must be given importance and must be maintained. There is no point having a beautiful face if your hand and legs are dirty and not maintained properly. So to keep the balance of texture and colour, the same treatment done to the face has to be repeated on the hands and feet. This avoids one from having different skin tones and keeps the colour of the body uniform. There are a few ways to pamper ones and feet and they are given below.

Natural home remedies
People have a very fixed mindset that only salon and spas offer treatments fort he hands and feet. The truth being, one could even mimic this at home and this saves a lot of money and time spent on the going to the salon. Nail beauty is one aspect one could try at home.

Nail beauty includes manicuring, trimming and polishing the nails. If one has brittle nails then it is advised to soak them in a bowl containing water with small amount of gelatine. This makes the nail less brittle and gives it a natural shine coat. On could even trim and file ones nails. Make sure one does this according to the nature of the nail. Long nails tend to get dirty quite easily and one could soak ones toes or fingers in hot water containing soap. One could apply turmeric to the hand and feet and help to lighten the skin tone. One could even use home ingredients such as gram flour or almonds and make a paste using them to apply on ones hands and feet.

Salons and spas
If one finds it difficult to try these at home one could always walk into a salon or spa. They have many services such as hand and feet massage. Massage help increase the blood flow in ones hand and feet and gives a glow. One could even get ones hand and feet waxed using hot sugar syrup.


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