Women and (now) men have become extremely conscious about body hair and the need to get rid of them. Primarily, it makes you more appealing to your partner and also helps you look and feel good. The methods of removing hair are many and with the development of science many more new methods have come to the fore. Some clinics claim that the number of men turning up for such procedures is on the rise. Doctors feel that excessive testosterone is mainly the reason behind getting a great deal of body hair. But genetics and age may have a role to play as well.

Why opt for removing body hair?
The trend shows that men and even women no longer feel that chest hair is a sign of manliness and sex appeal. It explains the increasing number of men queuing up for full body hair removal treatment. Many have opted for the treatment after being bullied by friends through their teenage for being hairy. For some, it had affected their dating chances and love life. Most hair removal methods do not offer a hair free solution and they come back after a few days. Permanent methods are expensive, but with six or seven sessions a complete hair free body may be achieved.

How the permanent method works?
The trick to getting hair removed forever is to undergo a laser treatment session. Lasers throw focused beams on a particular section of hair, which needs to be removed. The beams, try to damage the hair root, so that growth can be permanently stopped. However, this cannot be achieved in the first time.So you will need to sign up for multiple sessions of full body hair removal treatment. The time taken for each procedure depends on the coarseness of the hair and density. 

Expensive treatment plan
Hair removal is very important for improving confidence level, but it does not come cheap. The charge depends on the area being treated. Larger areas like hands, legs and back will charge significantly more than the face or upper lip area. Various kinds of packages are available with salons which clients can try out. It is best to undergo a consultation before actually deciding to pay for the job. Insurance does not usually cover such procedures so you will need to pay the entire amount at the same time.

After the procedure
Laser photons are best suited for brown and black along with fairer skin. But improved methods have made it possible for everyone to undergo the procedure. The first few days after the procedure can be a little uncomfortable, so it’s best to use a cold compress or moisturizers during that time.